Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses)

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses was created by Law No. 7839 of the National Statistical System (SEN), as an Autonomous Institution of public law, with its own legal status and assets, enjoying functional and administrative autonomy enshrined in Article No 188 of the Political constitution.

About the National guide to open data publication

The opening of public data is a complex process, and hence the relevance of the Guide, since it establishes the technical specifications and standards to carry out this process in a standardized way.

The process includes ten stages, ranging from the identification of the demand, the evaluation of the available data, the analysis of the confidentiality of the information and how to protect it, to the publication and promotion of its use; among other.

Within the objectives of an opening of public data, it is sought to achieve more efficient institutions, identify, prevent and combat corruption. In addition, increase trust between different sectors of society and contribute to the improvement of sustainable cities.

These phases should be executed with a view to achieving ever greater levels of openness, which promote evidence-based decision-making for all sectors, enable citizen empowerment, enriching the exercise of the right of access to public information and promoting participation. and public collaboration, among other benefits for society.

This implies that each institution must ensure the organizational conditions that allow locating and developing the opening of data on a continuous basis, supported by a system of evaluation and permanent improvement that enhances its scope and operation, and that leads to the consolidation of an Open State, transparent and effective in its actions.

You can see the guide here (Spanish only).